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Accelerated UV Testing

Accelerated UV Testing Services in Canada

Accelerated UV test apparatus simulates the weathering effects that occur when non-metallic material are exposed to sunlight or to sunlight with addition of moisture as rain representing the real time outdoor environment.

At INTL Inc. our test lab has accelerated UV testing chamber with Xenon – Arc illumination which also capable to simulate rain with spray system and can control temperature and humidity as per applicable standard requirements. Here are some basic parameters and dimension for Accelerated UV Testing in Canada:

 – Temperature range:0℃~80℃

 – Humidity: upto 95% R.H.

 – Internal dimensions:W600×H600×D600 mm

 – 30 Samples at once

 – Sample Size :150x70mm

 – Day light, window or other filters as required.

INTL can help test your product to Accelerated UV test in Canada with the following standards:

– ASTM G155

– ISO 4892-2

– ASTM D2565 etc. related standard

To acquire a quotation, please contact us at info@intertestlab.com. For any additional assistance, you may reach us by phone at 604-238-5060 .

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