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Field Evaluation Services

Field Evaluation & Field Labelling Services in Canada

International Testing Laboratory Inc. offers Field Evaluation and Field Labelling services in Vancouver, BC, Toronto, Canada for situations where an appropriate or applicable certification process is not available to demonstrate the compliance of the product or system which is acceptable to Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or other local regulatory body.

Our team of certification experts and field representatives can evaluate the product as per applicable safety standards, perform testing and apply labels in field for product approvals.

For Canada, our team of experience inspectors can perform special inspection services in Canada for electrical products as per: 

With International Testing Laboratory Inc., you do not have to wait to get your uncertified electrical products evaluated against SPE-1000. Our highly qualified field evaluation inspectors are available for next day service in order to help you get your product to market in an efficient, and enjoyable manner.
We make our clients a priority, and accordingly provide special inspection services 7 days a week.

To acquire a quotation or for more information, please contact us at info@intertestlab.com. For additional assistance, you may reach us by phone at 604-238-5060 .

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