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Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Testing Services in Manitoba, BC, Toronto, Canada

Salt Spray or Salt Fog test is primarily used to check the corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings on painted, metal, and coated metals which are supposed to provide a degree of corrosion protection.

INTL Inc. test chambers create high-saline environments by artificially simulating salt spray environmental conditions via accelerated time and salt exposure to the specimens.

Test duration of the salt spray depends on the material or product being tested or mutually agreed upon by the manufacturer. If the material or coating is corrosion resistant, then the test time should be longer without showing signs of oxidation. Once the salt exposure cycle is complete, the appearance of corrosion (oxides) on the specimens is visually examined by our engineers.

Once the corrosion information is determined from the samples, manufacturers can decide what kind of conformal coatings or paints to apply to prevent corrosion on the metallic surface.

INTL can help test your product to salt spray in Canada with the following standards:

– IEC60068-2-11 (GB/T2423.17)
– GB/T10125
– GB/T1771
– ISO9227
– ASTM-B117
– GB/T2423-18
– QBT3826
– QBT3827
– IEC 60068-2-52
– ASTM-B368
– ASTM D1654
– ASTM D1735
– ASTM D2247
– ASTM D5894
– ASTM G85
– MIL STD 202
– MIL STD 810
– MIL STD 883C
– SAE J14563

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