Surge Test

Surge Testing and Certification Services in Canada

Surge testing is the procedure of simulating and injecting unidirectional surges caused by over-voltages from switching or lightning transients to evaluate susceptibility of electrical and electronic equipment to these surge interferences.


IEC 61000-4-5 defines the test setup, test levels and procedure to perform the surge test. Test levels are selected based on the different environment and installation conditions defined in the standard.

Surge generator at INTL Inc. can perform testing as per IEC 61000-4-5 using combination waveform (1.2/50µs) up to test level of 6kV.

Surge Test

Surge waveform

Open-circuit voltage wave: 1.2/50μs

Open-circuit voltage


Short-circuit current

0.1 ~ 3kA




0 ~ 359°synchronous, asynchronous, automatic

Effective output impedance

2Ω (common mode 12Ω)

Coupling/decoupling network

Built-in, single-phase three-line, 16A

Coupling mode

Differential mode 18μF, common mode 9μF/10Ω

Number of surges

1 ~ 9999


10 ~ 9999S

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