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Product Testing Services in Canada

At International Testing Laboratory Inc., we make it a priority to ensure that our customers meet their testing and inspection requirements in a timely manner, and accordingly are available to hear from our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. International Testing Laboratory (INTL) offers Product Testing Services in Canada for CE, electrical products, environmental, Hazardous Locations, Medical products and IP ratings.

Our laboratory is equipped with wide variety of latest testing equipment to meet customers demand and provide efficient testing data. With vast experience and knowledge of our team at International Testing Laboratory Inc., we provide services for below areas: 


A CE Marking signifies that the manufacturer of a product has declared that a product meets all requirements of the relevant EC Directives. All products possessing a CE marking comply with each of the applicable health, safety, and environmental protection requirements. As such, it is lawfully required that all products, prior to being placed on the European market, bear a CE Mark.

“Product Directives” and “Harmonized Standards” fall under the category of CE markings. Both product directives and harmonized standards contain the mandatory requirements or performance levels that each product must conform to.

Electrical products have consumed the modern world. As such, any products that can be plugged into a wall and/or have a permanent electrical connection are required to undergo electrical testing.

Environmental testing allows a product to be tested against a variety of simulated conditions in order to evaluate its ability to withstand stress. These environmental conditions can mimic extreme climates, as well as physical stressors.

Hazardous Locations (HazLoc) are locations that are at a high risk of experiencing fires or explosions. These hazards can take place due to ignitable gases/liquids, vapours, and dusts/fibres in the area. As such, any processes or products that may contribute to an explosive atmosphere must be evaluated against Canadian or International safety standards.   Fields that commonly require Hazardous Locations Testing include:  


     Oil and Gas

     Chemical processing/refining



The term ‘IP Rating’ stands for Ingress Protection Rating. IP Rating Testing allows electrical enclosures to be evaluated for their ability to withstand disturbance from solid objects, dust, accidental contact, and water. Testing is done in accordance with the IEC/EN 60529 standard.

Before any medical electrical equipment or medical electrical systems can be introduced to the market, they must undergo a testing process in order to determine that they are suitable for use in a medical environment. Whether this means testing a device to ensure that it is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, or evaluating its compliance with Canadian and International safety standards, International Testing Laboratory Inc. is here to support you in making medical advancements possible.

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