EV Chargers

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Chargers Testing Services in Toronto, Manitoba, BC, Canada

Electrical Vehicle (EV) chargers are charging stations that, as the name suggests, are required by all electric and hybrid (plug-in) vehicles. These devices supply the power that is used to charge a vehicle and are necessary for batteries to remain full. With electric vehicles gaining popularity as the world transitions to sustainable options, the market for EV chargers is ever-growing.


EV chargers can fall into two broad categories: Alternating current (AC) chargers and Direct current (DC) chargers.


– AC chargers: Power a vehicle through alternating current electricity. These chargers are available in two levels—level 1 and 2.


– DC chargers (or fast chargers): Power a vehicle through direct current electricity. These chargers are always level 3.

What Do the Different Levels Mean?


In general, the different levels of EV chargers signify how fast they can charge a vehicle. As such, they are categorized by how many kilometers (in range) that you can acquire for each hour of charging. As the levels ascend, required charging times decrease. 

These are the chargers that are the slowest, though they are also the most accessible as they are provided with your vehicle purchase. As well, the only requirement for use of this charger is a typical 120 Vac outlet making them convenient options for at-home use. Level 1 chargers will allow for 3-8 km of range/1 hour of charging time, with most vehicles needing 6-12 (hybrid) or 12-20 (electric vehicle) hours to completely charge a battery.

These chargers are the middle ground between “slow” and “fast” chargers. These chargers are still quite convenient as they simply require a 208V or 240V outlet, which is the same type of outlet that is used for many appliances such as ovens and clothing dryer machines. With that, these are still commonplace for homes and businesses. As these chargers are faster than level 1 chargers, they pack 16-97 km of range/1 hour of charging time with most vehicles requiring 4-8 (hybrid) or 6-14 (electric vehicle) hours for a complete charge.

These chargers are the fastest of the three and are therefore commonly referred to as “fast chargers”. You will commonly find these types of EV chargers being utilized by businesses or set-up in public spaces. With these chargers, you can get 100km in range/30 minutes of charging time or get an 80% charge from 50 kW depending on the type of vehicle. As such, these are significantly quicker with a full charge only taking 1-4 hours (electric vehicle) or 15 minutes-3 hours (hybrid).

INTL Inc. can help manufacturers and importers test and certify their EV charger with international and national standards for their safety, environmental, and performance compliance.


Further testing services on the EV charger include but are not limited to:

 – Leakage Current Test

 – Normal Temperature Test

 – Capacitor Discharge Test

 – Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test

 – Abnormal Tests

 – Strain Relief Tests

 – Grounding Tests

 – Impact Test

 – Vehicle Drive Over Test

 – Drop Test

 – Bonding Conductor Tests

 – Water exposure test

 – UV exposure

 – Humidity Conditioning

 – Shock and vibration test

 – Overload Test

 – Endurance Test

 – Overcharge test

 – Stability Tests

The following are a list of applicable standards that INTL utilizes to ensure that our manufacturers and product developers are in compliance with all safety regulations for efficient entry into desired markets:

 – IEC 61851-1

 – IEC 61851-21 ed.1

 – IEC 61851-23 ed.1

 – IEC 61851-24 ed.1

 – IEC 62196-3 ed.1

 – CSA C22.2 No.280

 – CSA C22.2 No. 281.1

 – CSA C22.2 No. 281.2

 – CSA C22.2 No.282


 – UL 2594

 – UL 2231-1

 – UL2231-2

 – UL2202

Why International Testing Laboratory Inc.?


At International Testing Laboratory Inc., we make it a priority to ensure that our customers meet their certification and inspection requirements in a timely manner. Accordingly, we are available to hear from our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

International Testing Laboratory Inc. is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as an Inspection Body (ISO 17020) and Certification Body (ISO 17065). Additionally, we are accredited by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) as a Testing Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025). Both of these accreditation bodies are ILAC Signatories. International Testing Laboratory Inc. is therefore lawfully authorized to approve and label various products installed in unclassified and hazardous locations through evaluation of their electrical safety

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