International Testing Lab Inc.

International Testing Laboratory Inc. is an independent organization which provides inspection, testing and certification services to manufacturers and importers of electrical equipment.

INTL Inc. is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as an ISO 17020 Inspection Body to conduct special inspections as per CSA SPE-1000 and ISO 17065 Certification Body to provide approvals on various electrical products. 


INTL team has vast experience in testing & certification industry and can provide help to various manufacturers or customer to meet their testing and certification needs in timely manners.


Additionally, our lab is equipped with sophisticated test equipment that can be offered to our customers for their research and development work. INTL also offers rental services for various test equipment.


Our Services


International Testing Laboratory Inc. is equipped with hi-tech testing equipment. Our Team of testing engineers make it a priority to ensure that our client meet their testing requirements in a timely manner.

Special Inspections

Our team of field inspectors can evaluate the equipment as per CSA-SPE-1000 standard requirements, perform testing and apply labels on electrical products.


Our team of certification experts  can evaluate the product as per applicable safety standards, perform testing and certify your products for various markets such as Canada, USA , Europe and Asia.