IPX9/IPX9K Testing in Canada

IPX9 and IPX9K High Pressure High Temperature Water Jet Spray Testing Services in Canada

Along with other ingress protection testing for dust and water, International Testing Laboratory Inc. offers testing of enclosures for various products by exposing them to high pressure and temperature water jets for IPX9 and IPX9K. 



Both IPX9 and IPX9K rating gives the product an ability to withstand water jets spray with high temperature and pressure but the test procedure and requirements are different. 


IEC 60529 defines the test procedure for IPX9 rating where as ISO 20653 defines test procedure for IPX9K rating.

IPX9 Test as per IEC 60529

IPX9 test is made by spraying the enclosure with a stream of water using test nozzle described in IEC 60529. For this test, distribution force of water being sprayed is verified using a specific measuring apparatus for the impact force of the water jets.

Water Temperature

(80 ± 5)°C

Water Flow Rate

15 ± 1 l/min

Impact Force Vertfication 


For Small Enclosure

Spray Distance

R 125 ± 25100 to 150 mm

Spray Angle

0°, 30°, 60°, 90°

Turntable Speed

 5 ± 1 r/min

For Large Enclosure

Spray Distance

175 ± 25 mm

Test Duration 

1 min/m2 (minimum 3 min)

Spray Position

All practical directions covering
the entire surface area

IPX9K Test as per ISO 20653

ISO 20653 defines that any equipment intended to be mounted in an area except passenger compartment requires to be tested with IPX9K

Spray Distance

100 to 150 mm

Spray Angle

0°, 30°, 60°, 90°

Turntable Speed

 (5 ± 1) r/min

Water Flow Rate

14 to 16 l/min

Water Pressure

8 000 to 10 000 kPa

Water Temperature

(80 ± 5) °C

Expsure Time

30 s per position

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