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    Product Testing, Inspection and Certification Services in Canada

    Testing, Inspection and Certification Services

    International Testing Laboratory Inc. is an independent organization which provides inspection, testing and certification services to manufacturers and importers of electrical equipment. INTL Inc. is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as an ISO 17020 Inspection Body to conduct special inspections as per CSA SPE-1000 and ISO 17065 Certification Body to provide approvals on various electrical products. INTL team has vast experience in testing & certification industry and can provide help to various manufacturers or customer to meet their testing and certification needs in timely manner. International Testing Laboratory Inc. (INTL) is accredited by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) as an ISO 17025 Testing Laboratory (TL) to conduct Electrical and Mechanical tests of various products. Our team of experienced test engineers are capable to perform various test to cover our customer’s Electrical, Environmental, Hazardous Location, Ingress Protection (IPXX Test), Impact (IK Test), Haz-Loc Approvals, Mechanical or other testing requirements. Additionally, our lab is equipped with sophisticated test equipment that can be offered to our customers for their research and development work. INTL also offers rental services for various test equipment.

    Our Services

    International Testing Lab (INTL) provides a wide range of testing, inspection and certification services in Canada. INTL services include CE testing, electrical products testing, Environmental testing, Dust testing, Haz-loc approvals, IP rating Testing, Safety Testing, SPE-1000 labelling and certification.


    International Testing Laboratory Inc. is equipped with hi-tech testing equipment. Our team make it a priority to ensure that our client meet their testing requirements in a timely manner.

    Special Inspections

    Our team of field inspectors can evaluate the equipment as per CSA-SPE-1000 standard requirements, perform testing and apply labels on electrical products.


    Our team of certification experts can evaluate the product as per applicable safety standards, perform testing and certify your products for various markets such as Canada, USA , Europe and Asia.

    CSA A277

    CSA A277 is a technical standard which outlines the procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings, modules, and panels. Applicable buildings and/or modules that fall under CSA A277 include…..

    Panel Shop Program

    INTL Inc. Panel Shop Program allows manufacturers to get their typical industrial control panel designs, production processes, and quality control measures assessed in accordance…..

    Sign Shop Program

    The sign shop program allows manufacturers to get their typical electric sign designs, production processes, and quality control measures assessed in accordance with UL 48 and….

    IPX9 & IPX9K

    Along with other ingress protection testing for dust and water, INTL Inc. offers testing of enclosures for various products by exposing them to high pressure and temp. water jets….

    Salt Spray Test

    Salt Spray or Salt Fog test is primarily used to check the corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings on painted, metal, and coated metals which are supposed to provide a degree

    Glow Wire Test

    Glow wire test exposes the non-metallic material to a non-flammable heat source in an indirect flame test and ensuring that material is resistant to ignite and, if ignition occurs, its….

    ESD Test

    Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) test method is to simulate ESD environment during installation and operation of a product to verify its resistance against electrostatic discharge.

    EFT Test

    Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) are high frequency pulses that occurs because of the arcing on the power lines due connection or disconnection. This also occurs when relays, contactors….

    Surge Test

    IEC 61000-4-5 defines the test setup, test levels and procedure to perform the surge test. Test levels are selected based on the different environment and installation conditions….

    Ring Wave Surge

    IEC 61000-4-12 defines the test setup, test levels and procedure to perform the ring wave surge test. Ring wave surge generator at INTL Inc. can perform testing as per IEC 61000-4-12 up to the test level of 6kV.

    Voltage Dips & Interruptions

    Voltage dips and interruptions are caused by sudden changes in power grid, power facility failures or loads. In some cases, there will be two or more consecutive rollovers or interrupts.

    EV Chargers

    Electrical Vehicle (EV) chargers are charging stations that, as the name suggests, are required by all electric and hybrid (plug-in) vehicles. These devices supply the power that is used to charge a vehicle….

    Battery Testing

    In today’s world, batteries are an essential component of everyday and industrial products: all of the way from battery-powered watches to battery-powered vehicle and trains.

    Fuel Burning

    The term “fuel-burning appliances” encompasses a large variety of products that burn substances including gas (natural gas, blended gas, butane), oil, and solid-fuel (wood, coal).

    Plumbing Products

    Everyday plumbing products such as bathtub, sinks, toilets, faucets, shower base, shower heads, and pipes are required to meet North American and global standards before being brought to market.

    Conducted Immunity

    Our laboratory at INTL Inc. is equipped to perform RF Conducted Immunity test as per IEC 61000-4-6 or other standards up to 10Vrms. Test can be performed by injecting the noise on the cables either…..

    Haz-loc Approvals

    Hazardous locations equipment is tested against a series of standards known as the IEC/EN/CSA/UL 60079 standards. These standards ensure that a product complies with general…

    INTL Directory

    List of products tested and certified by International Testing Laboratory Inc. This list contains various list of electrical, plumbing or Gas appliances certified by our team.

    Vibration Testing

    Vibration testing assesses a product against a variety of simulated conditions in order to evaluate its ability to withstand exposure to vibration. Testing can simulate vibration due to…..

    Mechanical Shock

    The objective of mechanical shock test is to identify mechanical fragility and functional degradation that can result from shocks occurring during transportation or…..

    Accelerated UV Test

    Accelerated UV test apparatus simulates the weathering effects that occur when non-metallic material are exposed to sunlight or to sunlight with addition of moisture as rain representing…..

    Why Choose Us

    Reasons To Choose International Testing Laboratory

    We believe on our qualified services which made us one of the best service Provider. Our team always focuses on :

    Competitive Pricing
    Quick Turn around time
    Customized solutions
    Exceptional Service
    State-of-the-art Laboratory
    24/7 Availability

    Frequently Asked Question

    Some of the most asked questions here asked by our valuable Customers…

    • What kinds of products can I get tested by INTL?

      INTL tests and certifies products intended for sale in Canadian, US and International markets, including products that fall under the Electrical, Hazardous Locations, Environmental, IP Rating, and Medical focus areas.

    • How long will it take for my product to be tested and certified?

      Although testing and certification times are estimated on a case-to-case basis, this process typically takes between 2 to 3 weeks from start to finish.

    • What do I need to know in order to acquire a quotation?

      In order to get a quotation, we will require the following information:

        - A general and brief product description.
        - What is the usage of your product?
        - Whether it is intended for indoor or outdoor use.
        - Where you will be intending to sell it?
        - Its electrical rating/voltage.

    • Why do I need product certification?

      In order to sell any electrical products, third party certification is mandatory. International Testing Laboratory Inc. is fully equipped to test and certify your manufactured products to the applicable CSA/UL/IEC/EN standards.

    • What does the INTL certification mark signify?

      When your product bears an International Laboratory Inc. certification mark, it is permitted to be sold in both Canadian and International markets.

    • Is product certification by INTL reliable in comparison to CSA/UL certification?

      Yes, International Testing Laboratory Inc. is fully accredited and recognized in Canada and the USA from the Standard Council of Canada (SCC) as an inspection body (IB ISO 17020) to perform SPE-1000 standard inspections and a Certification Body (CB ISO 17065) that is able to complete any certification related projects, as well as a Testing lab (TL ISO 17025) accredited from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) to perform testing on various kinds of products.

    • Does INTL have Special Inspection CSA SPE-1000 services for electrical products?

      Yes, INTL provides special inspection services as per SPE-1000. Products eligible include :

        - Custom-built equipment for special applications.
        - Equipment manufactured on a non-repetitive basis.
        - Equipment sold in quantities of not more than 500 on a national basis, per model, per year, per inspection body.
        - Equipment not obtainable as “certified” under a regular certification program.
        - Equipment already installed or ready for use on-site and awaiting acceptance by the AHJ.
        - Complete systems or subassemblies that are all available for examination and testing during the evaluation process.
        - Other electrical equipment as determined by the AHJ.

    Our Services

    We are the Professional
    Testing, Inspection & Certification Service Provider in electrical and mechanical fields

    • Hazardous Location Testing
    • Fuel Operated Appliances
    • Medical Devices Testing

    Hazardous Location Testing

    Hazardous Location (HazLoc) testing and certification is a crucial process in ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment and products intended for use in environments where flammable gases, vapors, liquids, combustible dusts, or ignitable fibers may be present.

    This rigorous evaluation involves subjecting the equipment to various environmental conditions and potential ignition sources, such as extreme temperatures, pressure, and electrical surges, to verify their ability to operate safely without causing explosions or fires. Certification bodies, like International Testing Lab., assesses products to confirm compliance with specific HazLoc standards and regulations, providing manufacturers and end- users with the confidence that the equipment can perform reliably in hazardous environments, mitigating the risk of catastrophic incidents and safeguarding lives and property.

    Panel Upgrades

    upgradation task on older electric panels

    Fuel Operated Appliances

    Safety testing for fuel-operated appliances is a critical process aimed at ensuring the secure operation of devices such as heaters, stoves, and boilers that rely on combustible fuels.

    These tests involve subjecting appliances to various conditions, including extreme temperatures, pressure, and potential ignition sources, to evaluate their ability to function safely without posing fire, explosion, or gas leak hazards.

    Gas fireplaces/decorative appliances

    Testing Gas fireplaces/decorative appliances

    Indoor/outdoor cooking appliances

    Testing Indoor/outdoor cooking appliances

    Residential/commercial water heaters

    Testing Residential/commercial water heaters

    Pellet stoves

    Testing Pellet stoves

    Medical Devices Testing
    Medical Devices Testing

    Hazardous Location Testing

    At International testing lab., we ensure that medical devices comply with stringent safety standards and guidelines, guaranteeing that they are safe to use in clinical settings.

    This meticulous safety testing not only enhances patient safety but also fosters confidence in the reliability of medical devices, facilitating their adoption in healthcare, and ultimately improving the overall quality of patient care.

    • Fuel Operated Appliances
    • Quickest fault fixing

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